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Bringing Quality Care to Your Doorstep

At Your Service Mobile Vet, founded in 2021 by Dr. Eva Ceranowicz, is dedicated to providing tailored veterinary care for dogs and cats in the comfort of your home. Our mission is to create a positive experience for both pets and their loving families by delivering professional and compassionate care right at your doorstep.

Services Offered

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Protection & Prevention

Preventative care remains a pet’s first line of defense against illness. Prioritizing pet wellness through regular exams and vaccinations helps prevent common diseases and disorders. This includes physicals, parasite control, skin & coat care, and more.

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Sick Visits

Similar to humans, pets can sometimes feel under the weather. Sick visits are intended to address specific issues that may be affecting your dog or cat.

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Chronic Condition Management

Pets can be affected by chronic diseases that require ongoing professional care. Dr. Eva will assist you in managing your pet's chronic conditions, allowing many of them to enjoy long, fulfilling lives.

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For pets experiencing mobility challenges, chronic illnesses, or other limiting conditions, at-home hospice and palliative care services are available, along with comprehensive quality of life assessments. Dr. Eva will collaborate with you to create a tailored treatment plan, ensuring your cherished pet's comfort and well-being.

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When it's time to say goodbye, you can access in-home euthanasia services for your pet's peaceful passage in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Dr. Eva will assist you, ensuring a dignified and serene transition for your beloved companion. Arrangements for aftercare services are also available to support you during this difficult time.

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Diagnostic Procedures

Diagnostic procedures, including bloodwork, skin tests, blood pressure checks, intraocular eye pressure assessments, and needle aspirates of masses, can all be conducted conveniently within the comfort of your home.


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At Your Service Mobile Veterinary Care LLC is based in Suffield, CT, offering services in the surrounding areas of Connecticut and Massachusetts. Please reach out for availability in your location.

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